Maximum Impact Mentoring Academy

 You Are Unique and Special. It’s time to become an Empowered Achiever Making Maximum Impact in Life, Finances, Health, Relationships, Business and Ministry

  Imagine For A Second What Your Life Would Be Like If You Could...

ü Overcome all the negative “Can't do” thoughts and voices in your head

ü Overcome all of the negative feelings of low self worth

ü Never be afraid of failure

ü Talk with super confidence with each and everyone that you meet

Are feeling frustrated, stuck and uncertain about your life; 

Are you  facing difficulties trying to manage your life; 

Are you going through mid-life and wondering what’s next; 

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your personal life and work

Are you seeking happiness, love, abundance, prosperity and success 

Stay with me for a few minutes, I'll explain how you can really awaken the immense power of your consciousness to make the life of your dreams with ease and UNCANNY synchronicity!

Many people know they'll like to transform their life, but don't have the resources or knowledge on what to do, how to do it or know a mentor who can take them by the hand and show them the path to take step by step

What if you could easily flip a switch and experience:

•Greater Success

•Better Relationships

•Living Healthy and Fit 

•Real Confidence

•More Happiness

You are about to embark on an exciting journey with an amazing guide who understands you and wishes nothing more than to help you improve your life. You’ll be just astounded the shift that will happen in your life when you free yourself from using words like “but”, “can’t” and “won’t”.

You can ultimately break free from whatever it is that is holding you back from succeeding!


   The Maximum Impact Mentoring Academy

This 8 weeks Mentoring program reveals everything you want to know on how to make maximum impact while becoming Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: from creating and achieving goals with a template for you to work towards your ideal lifestyle to creating sustainable wealth with multiple streams of income while engaging in empowering relationships and building a legacy. 

This mentoring program is for you if you feel dissatisfied and discouraged with your current life situation, circumstance or daily routine… If you’ve been looking for a way to conquer destructive thoughts of worry and fear in order to improve the quality of life experience… If you’ve been seeking out a tested road map to financial growth with multiple streams of sustainable income and with empowering relationships then you are in the right company

Take a look at the 7 modules in this amazing mentoring program:

  • Module 1 - Personal Development 
    • Find your passion 
    • Develop your core strengths
    • Power of focus
  • Module 2 - Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle
    • Goal setting – Dreams and Goals
    • The Three Powers within you
    • Daily Success Routine
    • Lifetime projections
  • Module 3&4 Wealth Building Strategies and Multiple Income Streams Creation

  • Active Income Generating Activities

    Passive Income Streams

           1.     Author

    2.     Consultant

    3.     Coach

    4.     Speaker

    5.     Internet  Marketer

    6.     Network Marketer 

           7. Real Estate Investment

     8. Stock Market investment

     9. Infopreneur

    10. Book Royalties

    11. Affiliate Income Strategies

    12.  Other businesses

  • Module 5 - Positioning as An Expert and Personal Branding to Celebrity Level
    • Becoming A Key Person of Influence - A Celebrity Expert 
    • The ACE strategy  A- Authority   C- Celebrity   E- Expertise   while controlling
      •   Your own media
      •   Your own content
      •   Your own personality and story 
  • Module 6 Healthy and Fit for life
    • Diet Fitness 
    • Body Fitness 
    • Lifestyle fitness
  • Module 7 -  Empowering Relationships 
    • Kinds of Relationship - 
      • Family
      • Mentors, Teachers, Spiritual Leaders
      • Friends and Peers
      • Workplace Relationships
      • Casual Acquaintances
    • Law of Association and Influence
    • Maintaining intimacy in a love relationship
    • Setting effective boundaries
  • Module 8 - Leaving A Legacy - Its not just about you, Its about making a difference in life

You’ll notice the top level of quality in every aspect of this coaching, from the structure and detailed way every lesson is delivered, to the highly personalized attention, right down to the clarity of the Action exercises and call.

    The Goal After going through this mentoring program is for you to become

    An Achiever Making Maximum Impact in every aspect of your life with at least 3-4 new income streams 

    described as being Talented. Successful, Flourishing, Loyal. Generous. Prosperous, Dedicated. Inspiring.  Helpful. Strong, Caring, Affectionate, Brave, Cheerful. Courteous.  Forgiving.  Faithful. Respectful. Positive.  Friendly. Hard-working.  Kind. Trusting. Empathetic. Great Listener. Blessed


    It’s time to Make Maximum Impact in Your Life, Finances, Health, Relationships, Business and Ministry


    You will also get Personal Strategy Session with me

    As you know I am a high performance coach and an award winning multiple Best Selling Author the strategy sessions will focus on either helping you

    1. Come up with a practical and workable template for your ideal lifestyle OR

    2. Create the strategy with you for your book to become a best seller

        I look forward to seeing you at the top   

        To your Success,

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    My Commitment - You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results


    "Bibi has an amazing ability to break down complex challenges in the area of Financial Empowerment and Wealth Creation into bite size easy to follow tips and strategies aimed at empowering you, to excel succeed and prosper. It was fun working with her in building my investment portfolio while learning more about myself and the skills l can use to become more successful at work and home."

    Patricia (UK)

    "Bibi did not just teach me how to create my dreams, with multiple streams of income, but patiently she emphazised making a difference in the lives of people, community and nations. With her, it was create wealth with a mission."